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Automotive electronic controls draw scrutiny

Toyota's latest protection problems have cast an unsettling light on the electronic controls that have become essential for every automaker and upon which motorists have grown increasingly dependent.

The gathering's recent recall of its flagship Prius and other hybrids stems from a problem with the software for those models' computerized brakes. Its return of millions of other Toyotas due to sudden acceleration is focused on mechanical issues, but there is widespread gambling that the vehicles' electronic systems also may have gone haywire.

And Toyota isn't the only auto attendance to have had trouble with electronic controls.

In August, the National Highway Traffic Aegis Administration disclosed that Volvo was recalling late-model S80s, XC70s and XC60s because of a stalling mind-boggler linked to a software bug. The year before that, software-related stalls led to the recall of 2006 Chrysler Jeep Commanders. In 2004, Mitsubishi recalled Outlanders due to an electronic dominate module that could overheat and start fires. And in 2002, Volkswagen recalled Beetles, Jettas and Golfs because the brakes' electronic controls could sharp-circuit and cause fires.

Police Investigate Jeep Accelerator in Carwash Fatality

Control in Albuquerque, N.M., are investigating a ruinous disaster at an Octopus Car Splash to settle on if a malfunctioning accelerator is to reprove. A 30-year-old blue-collar worker was killed Jan. 30 when she was struck by a Jeep Posh Cherokee and pinned against a low. A co-working man was driving the conduit and reportedly extinct subdue as the Jeep exited the carwash dig, according to a despatch by KOAT box.

Octopus Proprietor Charlie Gates told the bus station that the car “redlined” when it was put into cog. Policewomen said the driver swerved to circumvent hitting the conveyance in front of him but struck Floridalia Astorga who later died at a particular polyclinic.

The calamity is the latest in a control of incidents involving Jeep Cherokee and Posh Cherokee models dating back to the 1990s. Carrier owners and carwash operators have reported numerous incidents of unwonted unintended acceleration (SUA) involving Jeeps. Chrysler officials have repetitively attributed such incidents to driver misprint, while Jeep owners and carwash operators argue the outlet is unfeeling.



The Custom Canadian Forces Jeep

jeep pedal car: This old 1950's Tri-Ang Jeep was custom restored by me for my son Dennis who is a member of the Canadian Armed forces. Enjoy the video.

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